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A Workshop of Introduction to Repatriation: Principles, practice and policies was held at Australian National University, Broom, AUS.


From 10 to 14 September 2018, I participated in the workshop ‘Introduction to Repatriation: Principles, Practice and Policies’ convened by the National Centre for Indigenous Studies at The Australian National University (hereafter ANU, workshop details at This workshop was supported by the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre and ‘Return, Reconcile, Renew project (international research project on understanding the history, effects and opportunity of repatriation)’ partners. It was held in Broome, the country of Yawaru people for 2days and in Fitzroy Crossing, the country of Bunuba people for 3 days. The lectures were consisting of historical background of collecting indigenous people’s remains, practical methodology for archive researches and protocol of returning remains to the communities, and Yawaru and Bunuba people’s storytelling about fear, sorrow, struggle and reconciliation on getting back ancestral remains. Since most of participants were from ANU with backgrounds of museum curators, research institutions staff, and government officers, this workshop contributed them to learn how to work on practical issues in their field.
Written by Mayumi Okada

Photo by C. Timothy McKeown

Photo by C. Timothy McKeown